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Beyti and Filiz



Filiz Kaya Ataklı
With a background in psychotherapy and international recognition as a trainer specializing in trauma, relationships, and facial expressions, Filiz brings a unique perspective to character design. Her expertise in understanding the intricacies of human emotions and behavior allows actors to delve deep into their character's psyche, resulting in performances that are genuine and emotionally impactful.

Beyti Engin
From an early age, Beyti showcased her remarkable talent as an actress, and over the years, she has honed her skills to become a prominent acting instructor. Her keen eye for storytelling and her ability to breathe life into characters make her an invaluable asset to our workshops. Beyti's guidance empowers actors to connect with their characters on a profound level, creating performances that resonate with audiences.

A Friendship Forged in Artistry

Filiz and Beyti's friendship began years ago, rooted in their shared passion for the arts and their deep appreciation for character-driven storytelling. Their journey together led them to combine their expertise in psychology and acting, creating an innovative method that intertwines the two disciplines.

Impacting Lives Since 2015

Since the inception of Character Design Workshops in 2015, Filiz and Beyti have been making a significant impact on the acting community in Istanbul. Through the schools they opened, they have nurtured the talents of countless aspiring actors, helping them discover the art of character design and refining their acting skills.

A Legacy of Empowered Actors

Their dedication to the craft and their commitment to empowering actors have resulted in a legacy of successful players who have emerged from their workshops. These actors have gone on to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark in the world of theater, film, and television.


As a part of our workshops, you become a member of our close-knit community, where creativity, collaboration, and growth thrive. Whether you're an experienced actor or just beginning your acting journey, Filiz and Beyti's guidance will take you on a transformative ride, expanding your horizons as an actor and character designer.

Experience the magic of Character Design Workshops and unlock the true potential of your acting abilities. Let Filiz Kaya Ataklı and Beyti Engin be your mentors as you embark on this exciting journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration.

Are you ready to create characters that touch hearts, inspire minds, and transcend the boundaries of the stage and screen? Enroll in our workshops and become a part of a community that celebrates the art of storytelling through powerful character design.

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