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Identify Your Strengths

Your Strengths

Only about 20% of people believe they use their strengths every day. We know that our strengths, talents, and unique qualities are what enable us to make a difference in our journey towards success. To effectively identify and utilize your abilities and resources, what should you do?

Seek Detailed Feedback from Those Who Know You Well: Start by selecting ten individuals who know you well enough to provide detailed feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. What do they think you should start doing, continue doing, or stop doing?

Classify Your Skills and Abilities: You can categorize your strengths and areas needing improvement by answering the following statements:

  • What am I truly good at and consistently perform at my best?

  • What am I not currently using, but I believe I would excel if I did?

  • In what areas do I struggle or feel I am not performing well?

Leverage Your Strengths: In the professional world, only about 20% of employees believe they use their strengths every day. Your strengths are your most significant opportunity for success. Recognize and utilize your strengths.

  • In what areas are you an expert?

  • What do you learn quickly?

  • What truly satisfies you in your work? Keep challenging yourself by taking on new tasks and testing and developing your strengths.

Create a Development Plan for Your Weaknesses: The most effective way to address your needs is to create a development plan. This plan has four essential components:

  • Identify your skills and use them (typically making up 70% of personal development).

  • Continuously seek feedback from people about how you are doing (making up about 20% of learning).

  • Attend seminars and courses (making up about 10% of learning).

  • Find ways to incorporate your new learnings into your life.

Focus on Areas You Believe Need Improvement: For example, if you struggle in sales, in a detail-oriented task, or in giving public presentations:

  • Talk to people who excel in these areas.

  • Consider changing your job or restructuring your current one.

  • Test yourself in a small-scale project in which you can observe what you do well and not so well.

  • At this stage, you might want to read a book or attend a seminar on the subject. Keep working until you reach the desired skill level.

Show People You Are Serious About Personal Growth: Express your development needs and seek assistance. People often tend to help those who acknowledge their shortcomings and want to make improvements.

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